Most Expensive NFT Monkey Ever Sold [April 2023]

In previous times, monkey NFTs have become incredibly popular, with many individuals collecting and exchanging them. Well, there are multiple reasons behind the popularity of the most expensive NFT Monkey including the fact that they are very cute and collectible.

NFT Monkey art can also be exchanged for other goods like digital art or crypto cats. Among all, the most expensive NFT is a bored ape. The market NFT monkey art price is around 2090 ETH, or roughly $3408,000.

Many business owners think that the Monkey NFTs will appreciate over time and are thus a wise investment. Whatever the cause, it’s obvious that Monkey NFTs have become a thing of the moment! This blog will discuss the priciest NFT monkey ever sold in 2022. So, let’s begin revealing the bored ape yacht club’s most expensive NFT.

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What Are NFT Monkeys or Bored Apes?

NFT bored apes is an illustrated ape collection unlike any other, with around 10,000 unique illustrations. Every ape image has a picture on a vibrant background, and by rearranging those Apes’ attributes randomly, one can create 10,000 potential NFTs.

Every element of the image has numerous potential modifications. Users of monkey NFTs can simultaneously change their grins, eye color, and mental attitude. Like any other NFT, those images are further available for sale, purchase, and exchange.

Multiple components may be used to create apes, and each one add to the finished creation. The market value of bored monkey NFT fluctuates, just like any other investment.

With the ever-rising demand for the best NFT monkey, more business owners are hiring NFT marketplace development company experts.

Top 7 Most Expensive NFT Monkey

Are you wondering what the most expensive bored ape yacht club NFT are? If yes, then here is the list of the top 7 most expensive BAYC.

1. NFT Monkey: #8817

NFT Monkey #8817 is one of the most expensive bored ape NFT, with an incredible value of $3.41 million (819 ETH). Sotheby’s Metaverse has been made available since it was minted by Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Less than 1% of all Bored Apes, i.e., 10,000 cartoon apes in BAYC’s entire collection, have the gold fur characteristic.

According to experts, only 46 out of 10,000 bored apes, or 0.46%, have solid gold fur which signifies that it is the most expensive bored ape yacht club NFT. The starting bored ape price with solid gold fur is 999 ETH. The Bored Ape #8817 is ranked #17 by Rarity Tools with a rarity score of 297.37.

Selling Price$3.41 Million
ETH Tokens819
ETH Price$4161.17 / ETH
Last Sold27/10/2021
MarketplaceSotheby’s Metaverse
Rarity Rank#17

2. NFT Monkey: #3749

NFT Monkey #3749 NFT, also known as “The Captain,” sold for $2.91 Million and is the second-most expensive bored monkey NFT. The #3749 solid gold fur ape has six traits and is dressed in a sea captain’s hat, a black t-shirt, red laser eyes, and a little yellow smiley mouth.

According to Rarity Tools, Bored Ape #3749 ranks at 27 with a rarity score of 283.99. The best part about this bored ape is that it possesses all the necessary traits to become one of the best monkey NFTs.

The design of the red laser eyes and the sea captain’s helmet is a prime illustration of how NFTs combine rarity, scarcity, art, and gaming.

Selling Price$2.91 Million
ETH Tokens740
ETH Price$3928.40 / ETH
Last Sold06/09/2021
Rarity Rank#27

3. NFT Monkey: #544

NFT Monkey #544 bored monkey NFT values around 675 ETH ($2.86 Million) and possess a highly sought-after solid gold fur trait. Because the price of ETH was high, the transaction for Bored Ape #544 was one of the largest sales of NFTs monkey. That’s why, it comes under the most expensive bored ape yacht club NFT among the rest.

On November 23, 2021, a Twitter handle named “Saint Bayview” praised the seller for the amazing trade and exclaimed, “I couldn’t be happier with my 2nd BAYC #544, a 7 trait gold rare!” This coolest bored ape NFT is a seven-trait, incredibly uncommon, solid gold fur ape with an eyepatch, a tuxedo t-shirt, and a sushi chef headband.

According to Rare Tools, this ape has a rarity rank of #31 in the BAYC collection, with a rarity score of 282.23.

Selling Price$2.86 Million
ETH Tokens675
ETH Price$4237.04 / ETH
Last Sold23/11/2021
Rarity Rank#31

4. NFT Monkey: #232

NFT Monkey #232 Monkey NFT got a massive value of 1080 ETH, i.e., the bore ape NFT price was around $2602.89 million.

The only bored ape NFT ever sold for more than 1000 ETH was Bored Ape #232, which is the bored ape yacht club’s highest price. To date, #232 bore Ape NFT is the most expensive Yacht Club NFT sale in terms of Ethereum.

While the ETH Pricing was relatively low on the buy date compared to the highest ETH-USD price, this ape NFT is not the most costly transaction in terms of monetary value.

Selling Price$2.81 Million
ETH Tokens1080
ETH Price$2602.89 / ETH
Last Sold30/01/2022
MarketplaceLooks Rare
Rarity Rank#503

5. NFT Monkey: #7090

NFT Monkey #7090, a solid gold fur comes up with the rarest traits and has around 46 occurrences out of 10,000 in the BAYC full collection. This monkey NFT ape holds a rarity score of 250.33, ranking at #77 in Rarity Tools.

This Ape is a five-trait bored NFT ape wearing servicing clothes that look similar to a solid gold luxury hotel doorman with hearty eyes.

This bored Ape has a multi-coloured mouth on a blue background, a truly rare combination of all the traits available. NFT investor icanfly3 bought Bored Ape #7090 for 600 ETH in Sept 2021, which was equivalent to $2.27 million. The BAYC collection’s recent spike in popularity has also significantly boosted volume levels on the NFT marketplace OpenSea in 2021.

Selling Price$2.27 Million
ETH Tokens600
ETH Price$2769 / ETH
Last Sold02/09/2021
Rarity Rank#77

6. NFT Monkey: #1837

NFT Monkey #1837, an odd-looking ape sold six times a year, was purchased for $1.58 million (569 ETH) in February 2022 via the largest NFT marketplace development – OpenSea. It has been marked up significantly from its initial selling price of $31,107. (11.48 ETH).

The purchaser, Moonpay, lent fuel to rumours that this bored monkey was headed for Elon Musk when he purchased it. A six-trait solid gold fur ape with a turtleneck sweater is known as The Bored Ape #1837. This ape has bizarre eyes and an orange background with a short haircut. Based on these characteristics, this bored ape has a rarity rank of 246 and a rarity score of 208.54.

Selling Price$1.58 Million
ETH Tokens569
ETH Price$2769 / ETH
Last Sold25/02/2022
Rarity Rank#246

7. NFT Monkey: #4580

NFT Monkey #4580 sold for $1.84 million (666 ETH), a significant premium over its previous sale of $86,664 (40 ETH) in June 2021.

This monkey NFT is a six-trait solid gold fur ape with a bewildered lip wearing a biker vest, 3D glasses, and a seaman’s hat. This ape ranks #257 with a rare score of 207.30 based on these characteristics, according to Rarity Tools.

These characteristics alone don’t make the rarest ape; combined, they create a distinctive and entertaining-looking ape. The buyer is n0b0dy.eth, with a collection of 12 bored gorillas worth more than 3,000 ETH.

Selling Price$1.84 Million
ETH Tokens666
ETH Price$2769.00 / ETH
Last Sold25/02/2022
Rarity Rank#257

Benefits of Most Expensive NFT Monkey Investment

Today, NFT monkey art is gaining immense popularity we haven’t even thought of. One of the major benefits of these most expensive yacht club NFTs is that they can be easily sold or traded using the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone worldwide can easily buy or sell a bored ape monkey NFT as long as they have an Ethereum wallet.

The second benefit of most expensive bored apes is that they can be used as a huge investment. As more and more individuals are interested in collecting NFT, the value of such NFT tokens, such as ICO token development is expected to rise significantly. It makes owning a bored ape in 2023 one of the best investments ever.

To create your token, you can hire blockchain developers who can offer you the best services ever.


Undoubtedly, the bored ape yacht club is the most well-liked art collection available nowadays. The top 7 most expensive bored ape yacht club NFTs mentioned in the blog are the ones that have gained immense popularity in 2022.

BAYC have been heralded as the standard that every other NFT should aspire to. Now that you have the list, it is time to choose. Hire dedicated developers for NFT or blockchain development, and the experts will fulfil your business needs and requirements.